Rigging / Relocation

Highly qualified, reliable and customizable relocation expertise.

Ayrshire, Inc., knows that assets such as heavy machinery, process tanks, and structural steel are important to customers, regardless of their size and weight. That’s why we keep competent riggers and crane operators on our team of qualified personnel. Our crane operators are certified by the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), which also qualifies them as competent riggers. Additionally, we conduct in-house rigging classes for all tradesmen and foremen by one of our own experienced riggers to ensure each employee can successfully identify and mitigate rigging hazards on any lifting and relocation jobsite.

Coupled with expertly maintained lifting machinery and rigging equipment, our knowledgeable riggers and crane operators can offer the best in safety, quality, and efficiency for any and all rigging and relocation projects. Our crane operators are capable of both non-critical and critical lifts and can work in tandem with more than one crane for a particular pick. They work alongside trained signal persons who employ various methods of communication including radios, hand signals, and line of sight to keep heavy loads moving smoothly on your jobsite. With our team of highly qualified experts in this field, Ayrshire, Inc. is pleased to provide reliable and customizable relocation of equipment or facilities in part or in whole.

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