Committed to our most important focus.

Because safety is our most important focus at Ayrshire, Inc., we have committed to maintaining a long-term membership in the National Safety Council. Industrial construction can be a hazardous field, and with large projects involving process piping, steel erection, rigging, installation, and demolition, our safety experts are constantly seeking new procedures and equipment that make our work safer. Our goal is to send each and every employee home to his or her family at the end of the day healthy and whole.

To stay abreast of the continually morphing safety standards of today’s industrial arena, we conduct weekly safety meetings with our employees in whole and daily safety talks at each jobsite. By analyzing safety incidents from all over the world, we can warn employees of job hazards, both common and rare. Additionally, each crew is required to discuss and complete a daily Safe Plan of Action that details the safety concerns and hazard controls specific to their task. All crew members are provided with each piece of personal protective equipment necessary for their jobs and ongoing training and certification for each safety procedure or equipment operation required by our work.