Structural Steel

Safe, competitive steel erection for over three decades.

Since 1978, Ayrshire, Inc. has been providing customers with skilled connectors that can take a steel project from inception to completion on time and within budget. Adhering to OSHA Steel Erection Standards and AWS D1.1 has helped us stay safe and competitive for over three decades, and implementing additional safety trainings and procedures has allowed us to excel in our market. We provide our ironworkers with the latest safety equipment and OSHA fall protection training and certification. Because we care about our employees and our customers, we can provide safe, high-quality, and timely steel erection whether your job is a small project or a large structure.

In addition to new structures, we also provide steel replacement services. Due to the nature of our work environments, we often see the need to reinforce or replace only a portion of an existing structure. The challenges of replacing old or compromised steel beams and columns amidst existing structures can be adequately met by our team of qualified ironworkers. With experience in rigging, shoring, and installation, we can assure you that surrounding assets are supported and protected while reinforcing or replacing worn steel structures.

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