Sandblast / Paint

Equipped to accommodate your exacting blasting or coating needs.

Ayrshire, Inc. would like to be your one-stop contractor for major industrial projects. That’s why we have integrated a 2,000 square-foot coating facility for sandblasting and painting project materials from structural steel and structures to piping and custom FRP parts. We are equipped to move small or large items between our 2-acre exterior staging area and our temperature-monitored coating facility. With low intensity gas fired, pressurized heaters, we are able to avoid dust particles that result from forced air heating and control temperatures for a smooth and fast drying process. To ensure excellent quality for your coating needs, we maintain complete inspection logs of blast profiles, atmospheric readings, and dry and wet film thicknesses. Each project adheres to client and industry specifications, and we can accommodate any type of coating application from a basic shop coat to a 3-coat zinc-epoxy-urethane system.

We also offer a range of inorganic and organic zincs, epoxies, polyurethanes, phenolics, high temperature coatings, coal tars, alkyds, enamels, and powder coatings. Each coating project is started with a controlled abrasive blasting in our over 1,300 square-foot blasting area. With an array of blast medias and blast units available, we are able to provide interior and exterior blasting of both large and small pipe or vessels.

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